Work With Me

Here's what working with me looks like...

1. Introductory Call

The first stage in the “Work with me” process is the introductory phone call. During this call, we will discuss various aspects of your project to ensure a clear understanding of your needs and goals. Here’s an outline of what will be covered:

This call sets the foundation for a successful collaboration, ensuring I understand your project thoroughly.

2. The Prototype Build

The second stage in the “Work with me” process is the prototype build. Here’s what it entails:

By the end of this stage, we’ll have a functional prototype encompassing the desired structure, page layout, images, and copy. The call ensures we can fine-tune the prototype based on your feedback before proceeding further.

3. Amendments

The third stage in the “Work with me” process is the Amendments stage. Here’s what it entails:

This stage allows me to address your feedback, make necessary amendments, and ensure that the website reflects your desired images and copy. Email communication streamlines the process and keeps us in sync as I work towards the final version of your website.

4. Final Checks

The fourth stage in the “Work with me” process is the Final Checks stage. Here’s what it entails:

During this stage, I ensure the website is error-free, compatible with devices, and ready for launch. Testing payment gateways, links, and buttons ensures a seamless user experience. Your confirmation is sought before the website goes live.

5. Launch!

The fifth and final stage in the “Work with me” process is the launch stage. This is when your website is launched and made available to the public. Here’s what this stage entails:

During the Delivery stage, we launch the website on the agreed date, closely monitor its performance, and conduct a final check-in with you. My commitment to ongoing support ensures that your website remains in excellent condition and continues to meet your evolving needs.