DNH Construction

By Olivia Swallow

DNH Construction screenshots

The Brief

DNH Construction required a total over-haul after their current site had started to look a little dated. They needed somewhere to showcase their projects as well as being a hub of information that their clients could come and find out more about them.

Our Approach

We took a look at how their current site looked and used the best bits to build their new site around. Much of the content stayed the same (with a little tweaking) however we did a lot of work visually to improve the aesthetic and create a more pleasing visit for the customer.

The Result

DNH Construction now have a great website that’s getting loads of traffic.

They are now able to update the site themselves after being provided tutorials and walkthrough videos and they know that we are just an email away should they need any help!

Check out www.dnhconstruction.co.uk