CB Heating & Hot Water Services

By Olivia Swallow

CB Heating screenshots

The Brief

CB Heating & Hot Water Services wanted to keep up with their competition by having a professional, slick website with several Call To Action buttons strategically placed, making them super easy to contact.

Our Approach

We made sure that being easy to contact was at the forefront of this design so we included clickable links, mobile responsive buttons and in depth contact forms about industry specific issues that their customers regularly contact them about. We maintained a professional tone through the text whilst also touching on the family-run aspect of the business.
We worked closely with CB Heating Services to ensure all content was correctly worded and in line with the service that they offer.

The Result

CB Heating & Hot Water Services now have a fully functioning website where visitors are able to contact them at the click of a button regardless of the device they’re using. They are also able to update the site when needed and we are always on hand to help with any questions!

Check out www.cbheatingservices.com