Brand Identity

Your brand identity is SO much more than just your logo or your colour scheme. It’s the language you use, your tone of voice, your imagery, your audience and so much more. It’s vital you really nail your brand identity as it defines who you are, to the people who buy from you.

I’ll spend some time talking with you to really get to know you and your brand. Once we’ve established who you are, we then create a bespoke branding package that will serve as your branding Bible.

Your branding document will be a live work-in-progress. We can add, update and change it as your business grows and develops. It’s important to view your brand as fluid, just because you decided to do things a certain way years ago, doesn’t mean it must stay like that forever! To stay relevant and to get noticed, you’ve got to be open to change!

What's Included:

Optional Extras:

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