Hi! I'm Olivia...

Your friendly web design badass!

It wasn’t always this way. I’ve been a dog groomer, a teaching assistant and even a silver service waitress. Nothing ever stuck.

While managing the last dog grooming salon I worked for, I was contemplating going alone within that industry, when it struck me that I’d be better off using my expertise to help other business owners with their web design needs.

I started by building several sites for groomers I already knew locally, but in no time at all I was building sites for beauty salons, estate agents and array of other businesses!

Check out my work below, and don’t hesitate to contact me to build or redesign your site!

Responsive Site Design

Around half of all web traffic is now mobile, so having a site that isn’t optimised for all devices is only going to harm your conversions. We ensure every site that we make looks great no matter what device or browser is being used.


Anyone can throw up a site on Wix or GoDaddy, fumbling in the dark with hopes of finding the magic formula for increasing sales. As a virgo, I much rather have a plan…a clear path to specific goals. Not only does this give direction in regards to what we’re trying to achieve, but it makes bringing your vision to life a breeze.

Each site I design is built on these 3 pillars:

Custom Graphics

People are reading less, so capitalising on visual experience can truly set you apart from your competitors.

Brand development

I work with you to give your business substance.. which in turn improves the customer experience.


Consistency & congruency. I ensure your site is running smoothly and kept up to date .

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”

– Joel Spolsky, creator of Trello

How am I different?

If you desire a service where you are truly valued and engaged in a collaboration, then I’m definitely your girl. See, all the larger web design agencies have huge rosters of clients, dozens of employees and overheads coming out of their ears…leaving their clients fighting for their attention. When you work with me, you get a personal service with nothing lost in translation going between employees.

With this dedication comes the ability to truly understand your business and brand, projecting the right message to your target audience. This builds stories that stick in the mind of your potential customers until they buy from you…my sites keep them engaged as loyal fans and returning customers!

It’s also far more cost effective to hire me as your freelancer of choice; I have minimal overheads, meaning I can charge for less for superior quality of work…whilst maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship.

You may have noticed there are no pricing packages on this page. I believe that no two clients are the same, and shouldn’t be treated as such! Everything I do is bespoke to the clients needs and budgets, with flexibility that few others can offer.

All that’s left you to do is message me using the form below…I can’t wait to discuss your project!


Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible…all enquires welcome!